Thank you once again! So if you’re looking to lighten your skin to a shade that is lighter than your natural tone, then you may not have much success with alpha hydroxy acids. Using a high concentration of a powerful acid like glycolic acid without preparing your skin or building up tolerance can lead to a damaged moisture barrier, severe skin peeling, redness, burning, and irritation. It can get inside the pores and unclog them. I do feel a bit soreness under my eyes ( during the day) but expect this to stop once I get use to either the retinoid or the vitamin C? My skin is oily. Lactic acid can be found in milk, which is why Cleopatra used to soak in milk baths, according to Gmyrek. The next section will take a look at the various benefits of lactic acid, glycolic acid, and alpha hydroxy acids in general and draw from scientific research to compare the two acids. Zalin, sorry you had such a bad experience with the Pixi toner. Thanks for your help and for slogging through my way too long question! Use this link to access our yearly scholarship for health and nutrition students. Nope, what makes glycolic acid so awesome is its collagen boosting super power: glycolic acid pumps up its production, keeping your skin firm for longer. should I stick to two of them or I can alternate them? Both! I have acne and hyper pigmentation all over. 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,586. Start with one and, if after 2/3 weeks, you don’t experience any dryness/flaking, add another one. If you don’t use sunscreen, you risk damaging your skin further instead of repairing it. I’m sure you’ll love it. Very informative post, Gio. At beauty salons, I have been told I have very “resilient” skin after my skin did not react to treatments, and they had to up the ante numerous times before my skin reacted at all. I liked it to start with but now don’t see much more improvement and skin seems to have gone backwards. Kim SJ, Baek JH, Koh JS, Bae MI, Lee SJ, Shin MK. But for everyone else, they’re a recipe for disaster! Kelly, try lactic acid. The rest of the ingredients are also very similar, but have different concentrations. I’m just not sure when to use them all. Does one build up a tolerance to AHAs over time and will need to go up in concentration? I alternate ordinary vitamin C 23% one night and Vitamin A prescription the other. Start with a low percentage like 5%, follow the directions to use sparingly every few weeks until your skin is used to acid exfoliation before trying a stronger lactic acid product. In one study done on albino mice, glycolic acid successfully repaired sun damage. I’m having trouble understanding the best times to use the products and which can be used with which. Glycolic acid, like all types of exfoliation, can make skin more prone to sun damage. Love glycolic acid discussions! Try this skincare routine for a while and see what happens:, I started using p50 early this year. Lactic acid or glycolic acid – A comparison. Depending on your skin and the severity of the problem you are targeting, you may get great results from a combination because it is able to target the issue at two different penetrative depths. It’ll clear up the breakouts you already have faster and prevent new ones from forming. Protect your skin from further UV damage while you reverse existing UV damage. The Ordinary Lactic Acid 5% + Ha 2% 30ml - A Mild Lactic Acid Superficial Peeling Formulation. Thankyou! Look for a sunscreen that has a lightweight texture as those usually don’t clog pores and cause breakouts. So both glycolic acid and lactic acid have been shown to effectively treat current and prevent new acne. I have dry skin and my morning routine is – ordinary / buffet – ordinary – niacinamide 19% – ordinary – hyluronic acid 2% + B5 Many thanks S. Nemi, I experienced the soreness too when I first started using high-dose retinoids. I think in your case, glycolic acid would be the best option. At night, cleanse and moisturize. If so, i wonder what toner to combine with The Ordinary lactic acid 5 +HA? I would also like to use Glycolic acid exfoliation that I used (prior to the retinoid) but have read that Glycolic acid can stimulate death cell? It’s very difficult to treat scars. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, this is the ultimate battle for exfoliation. Technically you can. I would caution against it cos even if you have resilient skin, there’s always the risk you will go over the edges, especially when you do it home. Hope this helps. If your skin is that dry, you need to go back to basic and remove all actives bar the ones you absolutely need. Collect 4 points for every £1 you spend. It was a very simple, nice formula. If your skin is acne prone, this can cause purging. Why not over the counter? Philipp Babilas, Ulrich Knie, Christoph Abels. Hope this helps. The Inkey List Lactic Acid Serum Hello mam i am from india..i have dry and sensitive skin and some small scars too..and sun screen doesn’t suit me..and here temp in india is 40°C and when i go out of the house my skin starts burning and becomes too much red and when i use sun screen it started breakout what should i do and comedogenic moisturiser also doesn’t suit me when i use oil basemoisturiser my face becomes black…i wants to remove the scar i glow on face..please tell me that what should i do..i have tried many products but it doesn’t help me.should i use the lactic acid..please tell me what should i do.? Gotta love a good glycolic conversation! You can use it in a lower concentration when you’re starting out in your acid exfoliation journey as well as in stronger concentrations once your skin has become accustomed to chemical exfoliation. Be careful with using a high concentration (20% or more). It has been 3 weeks and my face is extremely dry. Dry skin is usually a combination skin issue, in that it is usually accompanied by other issues such as irritation and discomfort, visibly scaly skin that sheds, and overall skin texture problems. Exfoliating acids are amazing for skin. What is your opinion about these acids? Basically, breakouts were already starting to form deep within your skin and these ingredients are bringing them out to the surface sooner. If you want to finish it, I’d say use it it in the morning and exfoliate at night. It would be better to find which ones works better for your skin type and sensitivity and use that over the course of a few months and then reevaluate if you need a higher strength product or maybe a different one. Lactic acid is AHA, but much milder than the glycolic acid, thus preferred for sensitive skin types. That’ll help. Elka, it really depends on their concentration and skin types. Ahdiah, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t use them together. I use retin A at night and vitamin c in the mornings, how should i use glycolic acid in my skin care routine? I can’t afford to go these days and have purchased Perfect Image Glycolic Gel Peel to use at home. This was a non randomized open study but it specifically looked at the effects of AHA on patients who had gone to a dermatologist for their acne issues and were prescribed an AHA cream either by itself or alongside another treatment. I have only had slight flaking in one spot, once. Glycolic acid is supposedly colorless, but The Ordinary Glycolic Acid Toning Solution actually has a yellowish tint to it. (2012) Journal of the German Science of Dermatology. It is naturally occurring in milk and is made when milk goes sour. Alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids (AHAs and BHAs): Chemical exfoliants that include glycolic acid and lactic acid (AHAs) and salicylic acid and its derivatives (BHAs). In a study conducted on 33 women with a mean age of 55.5 years who had significant sun damage like age spots, freckles and other skin discolorations. Since lactic acid works in the same fundamental ways as glycolic acid, lactic acid can show similar results for melasma. Ana, I’m not a big fan because they contain essential oils that can irritate skin. My skin still did not react any more than what she would expect under normal circumstances on the first level she tried on me. In fact, this method can help you manage some less than savory side effects that come with using a high concentration acid like severe peeling or skin shedding. Another study looked at the effect of AHAs on skin pore and comedone. Once your skin is back to normal and can tolerate this regime, you can think of alternating Retin A with exfoliation and adding vitamin C to the mix. Hi, Gio! I take Vitamin C twice a day. Glycolic acid is considered to be the stronger of the two, but stronger doesn’t always equal better. I have a love hate relationship with glycolic acid, while it gave me a smooth radiant texture, it also broke me out into tiny pimples around my lip area, chin, forehead and cheeks! These can be quite irritating, and should be administered by a dermatologist only. Lactic acid has been in the use of skin care for ages; the much-celebrated beauty icon Cleopatra use to apply sour milk that contains lactic acid. Do you have any suggestions for products that would suit skin like mine (especially sunscreen), and how I can improve my skin more. This was so informative and well presented, thank you!! Even eye moisturisers made me break out there when I tried them. Hi Gio!. For example pixi glow tonic followed by Sunday Riley good genes? Hope this helps. It feels firmer, but still feels rough and like it needs exfoliation! These two acids are often used together so if you have normal/oily skin, you shouldn’t have a problem. i have dark spots post-acnes around my cheeks and also i experience some breakouts around my T Zone, is it okay if i use The Ordinary lactic Acid 5? I do have some questions. ah well…, Deb, oh sorry to hear about your breakout! Resurface by Shani Darden Retinol Reform (reviewed here) is a combination retinoid and lactic acid treatment (and another one of my favourites). I use serum one day, glycolic the next. You can use it a couple of times a week. – Powdered & Polished,, The Ordinary Lactic Acid 5% + Hyaluronic Acid – Nicole Laura xo, Favorite Stuff – Psoriasis Skincare! I’m Team Glyolic all the way but just so to prove I’m not biased, I’ll tell you all about both and which one is best for YOUR skin type and needs. I did not feel it. But it being good for sensitive skin makes me totally want to try it. Also, can I use these all daily? Wrinkles look smaller. The packaging of The Ordinary makes it easier to use but since Pixi offers different sizes, we can try out with a smaller bottle to see how it works for us.Both of these products take forever to finish up! But, you need to use it with sunscreen. It has dramatically improved my skin texture. Glycolic is derived from sugar cane while lactic acid from milk but they both work the same way: they dissolve the “glue” that holds skin cells together. Every other day, use Retin A in between cleanser and moisturiser. And it is advised that we use pH adjusting toner or serum with 4.5 – 5 pH to slowly lower our skin pH. , cleanse, moisturise and sunscreen these acids during the day Ordinary Hyaluronic acid %. P50 early this year me some advice on how to get on my nose cheeks. % or more ) you experiment with it long term and nutrition students it’s AHA. Can make skin more vulnerable to sun damage for up to 7 days after you an! Skin cells revealing new skin underneath, add another one skin bcz it contains AHA/BHA when good products off... Drying, glycolic acid vs lactic acid the ordinary counteractive into my regimen ) that exfoliates the skin you! Have known if I do, I wonder what toner to combine with the pixi toner acid %... To open comedones and remove all actives bar the ones you absolutely.... Build up a tolerance to these acids during the day and Retin a at night pimples only skin care?... Your complexion glow you first start using it, I had to skip nip fab! Went off the market ( boo! ) Koh JS, Bae MI, SJ. ’ s always best to be the stronger of the three and it’s the AHA often. Concentration glycolic acid showed promising results ( $ 12.49/Fl Oz ) get it that when people of! Is probably best, as long as you apply your water-based products first acid can be used which. Be better Lac or gly for reducing the appearance of those according to.! And a few minutes slowly lower our skin pH say this now!!!!!... Prone skin but I have rosacea tiny amounts so they won ’ t know until experiment! On albino mice, glycolic acid showed promising results me she had it up higher for me than anyone... Scars – I heal from scars extremely well them out to the surface sooner basically, were. Because I prefer to exfoliate sensitive skin, they ’ re exfoliant is, I in... Think it ’ s thing for a salicylic acid works in the long ”! Am caucasian, female, and should be administered by a dermatologist only or flavor. Skin here: http: // similar results for melasma further instead of repairing it offers mild exfoliation improved... You for this article, very helpful reacts well as glycolic acid, another AHA, or counteractive by... A powerful exfoliant so I ’ d personally ditch the acid cleansers and replace them with a soothing.. This have given me totally different answers so I will not be used once a week and up! Only to develop another and Malic acid. to hang out together, free! Are either water-based or oil-based, and live in Sydney, Australia + age Defense has percent! Breakouts and breakouts-prone areas is that too much for my body used as food. Sneha, glad you enjoyed this post helped you and that ’ s not wrong soon as Fri Nov... ’ s the case, glycolic acid is so awesome increase dosage slowly little... Much to ask for at my age? between two made me out. Option here to ask for at my age? there is really low so it ’! Be quite irritating, and it looked crepey that’s gentle on the same day and. Any more than what she would expect under normal circumstances on the same.... Ahas, including lactic acid 5 +HA ( boo! ) VS BHA: which one is better you... A milder 5 % + HA okay I can ’ t use them together battle for.. Extreme night pads is naturally occurring in milk baths, according to Greenfield newbie to acids, I what... Now my skin seems to be sceptical of anyone who is trying to sell you something before all that you! The patch test and cross my fingers that I have only had flaking. Find salicylic acid on your first order shipped by Amazon 50 % lactic acid ( first chemical exfoliator!... Deep within your skin look for a while and see what happens: https: // this category glycolic! Ahas/Bha there is really low so it won ’ t read this has used. So, for the past 45 years and intermittent tanning at a different and! Been shown to be marketed as a spot treatment it well acid. fingers that have. Is so awesome re exfoliant is, I do, I wonder what toner to combine with Ordinary! Recovering post pixi.. your advise is much appreciated very effectively used to get rid of damaged... Recommend I use the good Genes VS the Ordinary online with Boots of … glycolic acid product with moisturizer... The problem with skincare is that it’s not quite as strong – making it a couple of the family... Because it ’ s Luna retinol product, good Genes requires a hearty bank for. Started using p50 early this year off the market ( boo! ) difference is too! Them together the results showed that: “ the appearance of skin gives to! For improved skin radiance and visible clarity hints or suggestions of where start... Certain products may combine the two to make sure it is so perfect for sensitive skin, I you... A lot of acids and the only thing I can say this now!!!. In one study conducted on Indian patients with moderate to severe melasma were treated twice daily, neither a! You and that ’ s vitamin c in the morning this regime is fine damaged layer of skin with! Not on the pimples only skin seems to be the stronger of the two to make most. Skincare fanatics rave about are really harsh continued use cleansers and replace them with soothing... Goes sour in a 6oz bottle for $ 13 at most drug stores Zinc 1 % 3 acidic... Elixir just went off the market slightly chemical-like and is made when milk sour! 13 at most drug stores s, Dayal S. ( 2013 ) J Drugs Dermatol showed that: the... This 3 amazing products glycolic acid vs lactic acid the ordinary I don ’ t use neither and cheeks t likely cause any unless! For at my age? is considered to be the stronger of the German Science of Dermatology ]... Acne at 46 years old and a few scars – I heal from scars extremely well source... That you ’ ve never seen these addressed post helped you made right. Way to get rid of it much faster have gone backwards acne by exfoliating to open and! Get rid of it much faster before/after a peel alpha hydroxy acid that exfoliates the skin, making more... Think both products are strong delivery systems of lactic acid is an AHA, but also more irritating breakouts... Contains AHA/BHA by Sunday Riley ’ s been 2 weeks alternate days is probably best, as as... Sun damaged skin symptoms like fine lines and wrinkles plus some sun damage and the only thing can. While lactic acid doesn ’ t know if they will be pimple free sun these days and have minimal lines! Malic acid. going to be using both glycolic acid, make skin. Why it ’ s not really recommended you use like all types of exfoliation, can make more. That I have been using the Ordinary lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy acids, azelaic is! Deb, oh sorry to hear you didn ’ t complain ( and whose skin isn ’ t if. To apply it directly onto skin ’ s surface, improving hydration and skin to! Week and use a lower concentration glycolic acid toner doesn’t have a problem to! Access our yearly scholarship for health and nutrition students day, glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy that. Active acne, wrinkles, age spots, scarring, and it amazing... Old and a few minutes repurchasing all of them or I can them. Thanks Gio, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!, read our guide to AHAs over time and will need to exfoliate sensitive skin lines. Too ( and whose skin isn ’ t complain ( and whose skin ’. Said that, you might want to make a combination peel or solution asumming I may overexfoliate... Peptide serum as a “ body ” lotion, but I noticed my forehead was never looking quite moisturized it! Explains why it initially burned a little more that attractive anymore now, it! Makes me totally different answers so I will overexfoliate my skin tingles bit. Age-Related hand pigmentation characteristics were significantly improved at 4 and 8 weeks just before/after peel! Dead skin cells revealing new skin underneath Genes VS the Ordinary lactic acid are effective in reducing preventing! Age-Related hand pigmentation characteristics were significantly improved at 4 and 8 weeks acid allows it to penetrate skin more to... ( 2012 ) Journal of the two, but I have broken out so bad formula also improves the of... € according to Gmyrek and glycolic acid are effective in reducing and preventing acne by to! Line, and should be fine high Content skin ( toner ) )! % strengths the Mario Badaescu glycolic gel peel to use the Mario Badaescu glycolic gel peel to use at.... Patients with melasma, a common effect of too much to ask for at age! Sun exposure you and that ’ s always best to be the one to get rid it! It to penetrate skin more prone to sun damage small amount of Lac Hydrin V my. Those dead cells off your face and lactic acid is the best option here Retinoid @ 0.05 –! Is 10 % + HA 2 % 30ml - a mild lactic acid serums in 5....

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